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for your SharePoint

Why choose Solutions2Share?

Why choose Solutions2Share?

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Make your Meetings more efficient with:

Meeting Manager

automatic reports

easy user invitation

collaborative editing

clean meeting workspace


external attendees

drag and drop agenda items

mini calendar

outlook integration

customizable layout




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Collaboration Manager

Boost your Collaboration with:

Super fast Creation of your TeamSites

Custom request forms for TeamSite creation

Sync Templates to existing Sites

Top provisioning features

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Tired of looking for the right version of your document-template?

Put an end to the confusion!

Manage all your corporate document templates with:

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SharePoint Site Provisioning

 Collaboration Manager for SharePoint and Office 365: Upgrade now!

Getting started with a collaboration portal in SharePoint or Office 365! Use new layouts, field types, site templates and social features in your workspaces!

New Look and Feel

The interface of the collaboration manager is fully compatible with SharePoint 2016. Client people picker, ribbon design and navigation items are all migrated.

Easy upgrade

We truly care about our users, their company and our end product. Our customers love the Collaboration Manager and you can easily migrate all existing content to Microsoft SharePoint 2016.

Supports new features

You can use all the SharePoint 2016 site provisioning features in your workspace template. Including project sites, notebooks with office webapps, newsfeeds or new SharePoint workflows with Visio.

The New Version Includes A Lot Of New Features!

Try it now! We’ve added exciting new features! New webparts, custom fields, permission settings & more along with full synchronization options.

Amazing Tools To Build Great Teamsites

✰ Create workspace templates with out of the box SharePoint functionality

✰ Design workspace approval workflows with SharePoint designer

✰ Use new webparts to show userinformations, recent changes and events

✰ Generate documents with workspace information in quickparts

✰ Manage all workspaces with metadata in a simple SharePoint list

✰ Synchronize changes in templates with one click

✰ Easy to use SharePoint Site Generator

Over 500.000 SharePoint TeamSites created worldwide!

Explore the high variety of our product. Our customers and partners released several different cases.
Have a look! See and explore why they trust in our company and the Collaboration Manager!

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