Support Plans


 When purchasing products from Solutions2Share there are two support plans to consider:
  • Standard Support
  • Premium Support

This page explains the features of both offerings to help you make an informed decision about which Plan is most appropriate for your organisation. In both cases the plans are annual policies which expire on the anniversary of the initial software purchase. You will lose the right to receive support after such one year period, unless you purchase additional support from Solutions2Share at additional cost.

Both Standard- and Support include Software Assurance.

Please Note: Both plans only cover support for our software, we cannot offer general SharePoint support.


Solutions2Share Support Site – The Solutions2Share Support site accessible at, allows a customer to discuss problems with other users, or look for resolutions in our knowledge-base and forums. Where immediate help cannot be solved, a support ticket can easily be raised and will be triaged and routed to the relevant technician at Solutions2Share.

Support Incidents – A single support incident may involve several e-mails and offline work in order to be resolved. The Licensee agrees to provide Solutions2Share with detailed information about the issue encountered and cooperate with Solutions2Share’s requests for additional information as they attempt to resolve the issue. Solutions2Share support engineers will make reasonable efforts to resolve your support issues; however, Solutions2Share does not guarantee that all support issues will be resolved. Bug reports and product feature suggestions are not considered support incidents. Solutions2Share is not obligated to acknowledge or address product feature suggestions.

Software Assurance – with the Software Assurance the latest versions of the product are made available to you on the website. Even when changing from one version of SharePoint to another we provide you a new version of the product as soon as possible. The Software Assurance includes all “major releases” of the products. In addition, on request can also beta versions of the product to be tested.

Test and Development Licence – Software licence that allows the software to be installed on a single non production SharePoint farm for development and testing purposes only.


If you have any additional questions regarding the support packages available, please contact our sales team in the first instance at and they will be happy to help you.