Collaboration Manager supports the creation of Teams!

Provisioning of Teams is now possible – Solutions2Share is proud to announce that Collaboration Manager 365 is now able to create Microsoft Teams!


Create Teams in SharePoint and automatically migrate all user access rights with our Collaboration Manager 365.

Use the ContentType ‘O365 Group’ from the WorkspaceList to migrate the group to a team.

Reinstallation of CM365 is required to use this new feature.

If you have any questions regarding the update or our products, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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Collaboration Manager 365 Community Edition: Free-of-charge Classic & Modern Sites Provisioning!

We are proud to announce the free Community Edition of our Collaboration Manager 365. Enjoy provisioning of classic sites, modern sites and more features – for free! Be one of the first to benefit from our all-new Collaboration Manager 365 Community Edition!

From October 2018, Solutions2Share offers a free Community Edition of our popular site provisioning tool Collaboration Manager 365.

Benefit from these free-of-charge features:

  • Easy installation — no own infrastructure required     
  • Complete PNP provisioning feature set        
  • Save site as template    
  • Create classic & modern sites    
  • Save and upload templates between multiple tenants    
  • Manage all sites in a SharePoint list    
  • Create customized request forms 
  • No hidden costs — free for as long as you want 

Boost your collaboration and save time and money.

Curious about free provisioning? Don’t miss the lunch and sign up now for the Collaboration Manager 365 Community Edition!


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Collaboration Manager 365 Update: Provision Communication Sites and many more

We are happy to announce an update for our popular site provisioning tool Collaboration Manager 365
Enjoy our new features and learn about current fixes!


Solutions2Share is proud to announce a new update for the Collaboration Manager 365. We made a couple of fixes and upgraded the Collaboration Manager 365 with additional features.

Here you can find an overview of changes made with the update on 08.08.2018:



  • Provisioning of Communication Sites is now possible. To add the new content type “Communication Sites” to the workspace list, please perform a short reinstallation. (To do this, simply go to the setup area, click on “Installation” in the menu on the left, then on “Install Collaboration Manager 365” and finally on “Reinstall Collaboration Manager 365”.)
  • [Communication Sites; Modern Sites]: Provisioning of web settings “CommentsOnSitePagesDisabled”, “DisableAppViews” and “DisableFlows”
  • [Classic Sites; Communication Sites] “Managed Path” for templates
  • [Classic Sites] Provisioning of the feature “Document ID Service”
  • [CM App] New ticket system integrated. Please note that if you run and manage your ticket system via Collaboration Manager 365, the change from ZenDesk to ZohoDesk requires a change of the customer ID. You can request your new ID directly from us – just send us a short email to
  • Status of provisioning of Modern Sites is upgraded from “beta” to “released”
  • Additional ContentType added in the Workspace-List for the provisioning of Communication Sites
  • Unterstützung der Vererbung von folgenden Inhaltstypen: “O365 Group” und “Communication Sites”



  • [Modern Sites] Provisioning of Webparts: List (preview) and Document library (preview)
  • [Modern Sites] Bug: “Can’t open ‘default.aspx'”
  • [Classic Sites; Modern Sites]: Bug: “Sequence contains no elements”
  • [Modern Sites] Default Homepage is not provisioning
  • [Modern Sites] Comments function is not provisioning on pages
  • [Modern Sites] Fast Workspaces were created after saving the template
  • [Modern Sites] Modern Pages were incorrectly provisioned
  • [Classic Sites] More fast workspaces were created than configured in CM
  • Improvement of the CM365 installation
  • General improvements to the provisioning engine


Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about Collaboration Manager 365.

If you have any questions regarding the update or our products, don’t hesitate to contact us:

SharePoint 2019 public preview: Take part in our free beta program for Collaboration Manager and SP 2019

SharePoint Server 2019 public preview is now available – and Solutions2Share already offers a free beta version of our Collaboration Manager! Enjoy all Collaboration Manager features on new SharePoint 2019, including the new capability of provisioning modern sites!


At the SharePoint Conference 2018, Microsoft broadly announces their vision, strategy, timeline, and investment areas for SharePoint Server 2019.

Finally, on 24 June, we were excited about the availability of SharePoint Server 2019 Preview. Through the continuous development of SharePoint2Share Collaboration Manager and many years of SharePoint experience, we are faster than ever.

Enjoy all the usual Collaboration Manager features including:

  • Provisioning of SharePoint classic and modern sites without a single line of code
  • Create custom templates for SharePoint sites with just a click
  • Sync your changes in the template to all existing sites without manual configuration
  • Custom request process, group & user management and governance rules
  • Commission sites with just a few mouse clicks

Take part in our Collaboration Manager beta program for SharePoint 2019 public preview.

Completely free and non-binding. No need to cancel, no hidden costs!


Manage your SharePoint classic and modern sites easily – with Collaboration Manager on SharePoint 2019.

Save your changes without leaving your SharePoint modern template.

Copy  100%  of the template, including workflows, permissions, third party tools and many more!

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