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The Future of SharePoint Site Designs and Site Scripts

Site Designs is a pretty new feature that improves provisioning in Office 365, and there was a lot of improvement done in the last months. 
In his new blogpost, our Senior Developer Jarbas Horst takes a look at upcoming features, which are currently under developement, and shares his personal wish list of useful features he would like to see in the future with you.
>>Visit Jarbas’ blog to learn… read more

Pitfalls when creating SharePoint Site Scripts

Our Senior Developer Jarbas Horst shows you how to deal with issues while creating Site Scripts!

A SharePoint Site Script can become confuse depending on its size. During Site Script creation, it’s easy to misspell a verb or to create an inconsistent JSON object. These issues can result on try and error sessions until the Site Script gets created. Our Senior Developer Jarbas Horst dealt with different issues while… read more

What is Microsoft Teams?

The core aim of Microsoft Teams is to connect staff and enhance collaboration, providing an alternative to email communications. Microsoft describes it as a “digital translation of an open office space”.

At its basic level, Teams is a messaging tool that enables text communications between users, whether they are in the same office or work remotely. It supports group chat rooms with threaded conversations, as well as private… read more

Upcoming Events in 2019: Meet us in person!

As last year, Solutions2Share sponsors many events and conferences in 2019. Seize the chance and meet us in person, ask questions and take a look at our live demo!
SharePoint Conference Las Vegas – May 21st to May 23rd

Time: 21 (Tuesday) 9:00 – 23 (Thursday), 17:00
Location: MGM Grand Hotel 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
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Simplify Teams app package creation with Gulp

Our senior developer Jarbas Horst created a gulp task for creation of Teams app package!
Since SharePoint Framework v1.7 it’s possible to implement Microsoft Teams tabs using SharePoint Framework. Software houses can now support both SharePoint and Teams with the same SPFx web part. In order to simplify the Teams tab development, SPFx v1.7 creates a Teams folder in the solution structure. During development, you must create the Teams app… read more

Provisioning sites using Hub Sites and Site Design

In August 2018 Microsoft announced improvements and new features for SharePoint hub sites, among them „Adjust sites automatically when they get associated to a SharePoint hub site“. In his new blogppost, our senior developer Jarbas Horst focuses on the capability of provisioning content using site design during hub site association and summarizes the benefits of the new features.
Prospectively, we are planning to connect Collaboration Manager 365 with Hub Sites.… read more

MS Teams App development with ngrok


MS Teams App Studio (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/platform/get-started/get-started-app-studio)
Visual Studio
Default MVC Project
MS Teams Tab Example App

First things first
The entire code can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/Solutions2Share/SampleTeamsTabApp.
You can download or clone the sample, or you could follow the instructions and create a new Sample Teams Tab App.
MS Teams App Studio
Install the MS Teams App Studio via the following Link: https://aka.ms/InstallTeamsAppStudio
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Visit us in Leicester on November 10th!

Solutions2Share is gold sponsor at SharePoint Saturday Leicester. Visit us at November 10th!

SharePoint Saturday is a free community‐focused SharePoint event dedicated to educating and engaging members of the local technical community. SharePoint Saturday draws upon the expertise of local, national, and international SharePoint IT professionals, developers and solutions architects who come together to share their real world experiences, lessons learned, best practices, and general knowledge with other like‐minded… read more

Collaboration Manager 365 Update: Provision Communication Sites and many more

We are happy to announce an update for our popular site provisioning tool Collaboration Manager 365. 
Enjoy our new features and learn about current fixes!
Solutions2Share is proud to announce a new update for the Collaboration Manager 365. We made a couple of fixes and upgraded the Collaboration Manager 365 with additional features.
Here you can find an overview of changes made with the update on 08.10.2018:
Fixes:… read more