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Solutions2Share attends SharePoint Conference Las Vegas May 21-23 at the MGM Grand!

SharePoint Conference Las Vegas is where business leaders, IT pros, developers, consultants come together to learn how technology can power teamwork, employee engagement and communications, and organizational effectiveness. 

CONNECT with industry gurus, thought leaders and Microsoft’s product groups
COLLABORATE with peers to share best practices and insights
CREATE solutions to your business challenges
CELEBRATE the launch of Microsoft’s latest innovations and our diverse and vibrant community

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Identity Management trifft Teams Governance – kostenloses Webinar! (German)

Identity Management und Governance sind Themen, um die man nicht herumkommt, wenn es um Microsoft Teams geht.
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Christian Groß von Solutions2Share und Alexander Filipin von der Oxford Computer Group erläutern Ihnen am 8. Mai um 14 Uhr, weshalb nicht nur die gesetzlichen Vorgaben in diesem Bereich eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Gerade die geringe Komplexität von Microsoft Teams erlaubt es, externe Berater beliebig hinzuzufügen oder… read more

Pitfalls when provisioning with Site Designs

Our Senior Developer Jarbas Horst takes a deeper look in SharePoint Site Designs and Site Script. In detail, he’ll demonstrate common issues that you might encounter while working with Site Designs in real scenarios. Specially the case “applying Site Designs to an existing SharePoint site with custom content” poses risks that shouldn’t be underestimated! After reading the blog post, you should be able to avoid these issues which results in… read more

Possibilities with Microsoft Teams – Using Bots

Teams is a messaging tool that enables text communications between users, whether they are in the same office or work remotely. It supports group chat rooms with threaded conversations, as well as private messages between individuals. Users can jump from instant messaging to a video call at the push of a button. Teams also comes with the possibility of implementing bots, helping to make collaboration more efficient.

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Governance in Microsoft Teams – Mehr Struktur, weniger Wildwuchs!

Im kommenden Webinar “Governance in Microsoft Teams: mehr Struktur weniger Wildwuchs!” lernen Sie neue Herangehensweisen, um Governance-Themen in Microsoft Teams mit Leichtigkeit umzusetzen.
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Die strukturierte Betrachtung durch Stefan Zenkel von aConTech unter den Gesichtspunkten Mensch – Technik – Organisation liefert einen Überblick der Vor- und Nachteile des modernen Kollaborationswerkzeugs Microsoft Teams.​​​​​​​
Anschließend gibt Christian Groß von Solutions2Share einen Einblick, wie der Wildwuchs von Kanälen und Berechtigungen gar… read more

The Future of SharePoint Site Designs and Site Scripts

Site Designs is a pretty new feature that improves provisioning in Office 365, and there was a lot of improvement done in the last months. 
In his new blogpost, our Senior Developer Jarbas Horst takes a look at upcoming features, which are currently under developement, and shares his personal wish list of useful features he would like to see in the future with you.
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Pitfalls when creating SharePoint Site Scripts

Our Senior Developer Jarbas Horst shows you how to deal with issues while creating Site Scripts!

A SharePoint Site Script can become confuse depending on its size. During Site Script creation, it’s easy to misspell a verb or to create an inconsistent JSON object. These issues can result on try and error sessions until the Site Script gets created. Our Senior Developer Jarbas Horst dealt with different issues while… read more

What is Microsoft Teams?

The core aim of Microsoft Teams is to connect staff and enhance collaboration, providing an alternative to email communications. Microsoft describes it as a “digital translation of an open office space”.

At its basic level, Teams is a messaging tool that enables text communications between users, whether they are in the same office or work remotely. It supports group chat rooms with threaded conversations, as well as private… read more

Upcoming Events in 2019: Meet us in person!

As last year, Solutions2Share sponsors many events and conferences in 2019. Seize the chance and meet us in person, ask questions and take a look at our live demo!
SharePoint Conference Las Vegas – May 21st to May 23rd

Time: 21 (Tuesday) 9:00 – 23 (Thursday), 17:00
Location: MGM Grand Hotel 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
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Simplify Teams app package creation with Gulp

Our senior developer Jarbas Horst created a gulp task for creation of Teams app package!
Since SharePoint Framework v1.7 it’s possible to implement Microsoft Teams tabs using SharePoint Framework. Software houses can now support both SharePoint and Teams with the same SPFx web part. In order to simplify the Teams tab development, SPFx v1.7 creates a Teams folder in the solution structure. During development, you must create the Teams app… read more