Collaboration Manager supports the creation of Teams!

Provisioning of Teams is now possible – Solutions2Share is proud to announce that Collaboration Manager 365 is now able to create Microsoft Teams!


Create Teams in SharePoint and automatically migrate all user access rights with our Collaboration Manager 365.

Use the ContentType ‘O365 Group’ from the WorkspaceList to migrate the group to a team.

Reinstallation of CM365 is required to use this new feature.

If you have any questions regarding the update or our products, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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SharePoint 2019 public preview: Take part in our free beta program for Collaboration Manager and SP 2019

SharePoint Server 2019 public preview is now available – and Solutions2Share already offers a free beta version of our Collaboration Manager! Enjoy all Collaboration Manager features on new SharePoint 2019, including the new capability of provisioning modern sites!


At the SharePoint Conference 2018, Microsoft broadly announces their vision, strategy, timeline, and investment areas for SharePoint Server 2019.

Finally, on 24 June, we were excited about the availability of SharePoint Server 2019 Preview. Through the continuous development of SharePoint2Share Collaboration Manager and many years of SharePoint experience, we are faster than ever.

Enjoy all the usual Collaboration Manager features including:

  • Provisioning of SharePoint classic and modern sites without a single line of code
  • Create custom templates for SharePoint sites with just a click
  • Sync your changes in the template to all existing sites without manual configuration
  • Custom request process, group & user management and governance rules
  • Commission sites with just a few mouse clicks

Take part in our Collaboration Manager beta program for SharePoint 2019 public preview.

Completely free and non-binding. No need to cancel, no hidden costs!


Manage your SharePoint classic and modern sites easily – with Collaboration Manager on SharePoint 2019.

Save your changes without leaving your SharePoint modern template.

Copy  100%  of the template, including workflows, permissions, third party tools and many more!

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Collaboration Manager 365 Update – Enjoy new features!

We are happy to announce an update for our popular site provisioning tool Collaboration Manager 365.
Enjoy our new features and learn about current fixes!


Solutions2Share is proud to announce a new update for the Collaboration Manager 365. Our popular site provisioning tool was updated on 19.06.18.

Besides the update of our companies logo, we made a couple of fixes and upgraded the Collaboration Manager 365 with additional features.


We deliver you an overview of changes made with the update on 19.06.18:



  • Teams: Provisioning of Teams is now possible! Use the ContentType ‘O365 Group’ from the WorkspaceList. Reinstallation of CM365 is required to use this new feature
  • Remove deleted sites from the SP recycle bin! We added a hidden site to CM 365 to remove deleted sites. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more
  • Unlicensed users are now able to create and own Classic Sites, Groups and Teams!



  • Classic Sites: Standard permission groups form the template have been copied to Workspace. After provisioning, permission groups were available both from the template and Workspace
  • Classic Sites: WorkspaceList deleted all permissions of the type ‘SecurityGroup’
  • Workspace permission page displays CM-fields Owners and Members. These fields may only be used for the provisioning of groups and teams
  • General improvements of the provisioning engine


In order to maintain our product, regular updates are made. In this time, some of our features may not be available. Our support team informs you in time about the next maintenance window.

If you have any questions regarding the update or our products, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Provisioning sites using SharePoint Site Design and Site Script

Microsoft just rolled out their newest capability for creating SharePoint sites based on templates in Office 365. Use Site Designs and Site Scripts to automate provisioning new or existing modern SharePoint sites using your own custom configurations.

Prospectively, we are planning to connect Collaboration Manager 365 templates with Site Design. The user will be capable of creating Share Point sites directly through SharePoint UI, based on Collaboration Manager 365 templates.

Our developer Jarbas Horst shows you on his blog, how Site Design and Site Script works!

Provisioning sites using SharePoint Site Design and Site Script!

Don’t forget about European Collaboration Summit, the biggest and most important SharePoint event in May 2018! Over a thousand attendees and the world’s most influential experts will gather in Mainz to discuss new developments in the Microsoft landscape and join a series of workshops and presentations. Solutions2Share will be right on spot!

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New Collaboration Manager version released for SharePoint Online – May 2017

We are happy to announce a new Version of the Collaboration Manager for Office 365 or more specifically for SharePoint Online. The new version has been released today (12.05.2017), please contact support if you experience any issues with it.

What is new?

  • Support of BindTuning themes.

What was fixed?

  • Bug in the provisioning of SharePoint Designer 2013.
  • Process of generating sub site URL’s.

Thanks for your patience while we did the release. We want you to have the best possible online experience and sometimes that means we need to perform maintenance activities. Our priority is always the health of your solution.

Collaboration Manager 365 supports BindTuning themes

The Collaboration Manager 365 (CM365) supports now the provisioning of BindTuning themes. You can easily activate and configure your BindTuning theme in our SharePoint template. Finally, you just have to save the template. Now your template includes the BindTuning theme and you can create workspaces from it!

Let me show you how to do that:

1. Activate the BindTuning theme in the Solution Gallery of your CM365 template.

Activate BindTuning theme

2. Configure the settings for the BindTuning theme.

Navigate to the BindTuning settings page and configure your BindTuning theme.

Navigate to BindTuning settings page.

In this example, I configured tokens that will be added to the page footer.

Configured BindTuning tokens

3. Save the template.

Navigate to the Template list and save the template.

Save the Collaboration Manager template

4. Create workspaces based on your CM365 template.

Go to the Workspaces list and create a new list item based on your template which contains the BindTuning theme.

Create workspace based on BindTuning theme

As you can see, the Collaboration Manager 365 has imported your BindTuning theme with all settings.

Provisioned workspace with BindTuning theme

Jetzt upgraden – Collaboration Manager 365 v1 abgekündigt zum 31.12.2016

Seit einigen Monaten ist die Version 2 unserer beliebten Selfservice Site Provisioning Lösung verfügbar. Durch die Version 2 ergeben sich zum einen die folgenden Neuerungen

Zusammenfassung ESPC16

Hier eine Zusammenfassung der zweigrößten SharePoint und Office 365 Messe weltweit – kurz ESPC16. Auf Twitter kann man hierzu recht viel unter dem Hashtag #ESPC16 finden.
Dieses Jahr war die Konferenz in Wien, Österreich im Austria Center. Rund 1.200 Teilnehmer aus aller Welt haben an der mehrtägigen Veranstaltung teilgenommen, darunter viele hochkarätige Personen von Microsoft und Microsoft Partnern. Pre-Konferenz mit ganztägigen Vorträgen am 14.11, normale Konferenztage vom 15. – 17.11.… read more

Workflow Integration in Collaboration Manager

Der Collaboration Manager lässt sich mit Workflow Engines integrieren. Das macht Sinn, damit Sie Ihre Business Logik in der Provisionierung abbilden können. Genauer gesagt unterstützt ein Workflow in den Schritten Antrag, Genehmigung und Generierung. In der standardmäßigen Konfiguration, provisioniert der Collaboration Manager direkt nach dem Erstellen eines neuen Listeintrages in der Workspace Liste.

Collaboration Manager Provisionierung auf manuell stellen; Site Collection Collaboration Manager aufrufen – Site Settings – Collaboration Manager – Workspace Creation auf manuell “Workspace creation by custom workflow or web service” stellen.

Welche Workflows werden unterstützt:

  • SharePoint 2010 Workflow Engine mit SharePoint Designer (und damit SP 2010 / 2013)
  • Nintex
  • K2

In diesem Artikel beschreibe ich die Einrichtung der Workflows. Nun können Sie z.B. ein Freigabeworkflow bauen, der entscheidende Schritt am Ende ist es, dem Collaboration Manager anzustoßen, damit der Workspace erstellt wird. Dies erfolgt durch den Aufruf eines Web Service. Damit in einem SharePoint 2010 Workflow ein Web Service aufgerufen werden kann, liefern wir eine extra Solution aus, die im SharePoint Designer eine weitere Aktion hinzufügt.

SharePoint Designer

Solution herunterladen: Solution installieren: Solutions2Share.Solutions.WorkflowActivities2013.wsp


Add-SPSolution -LitheralPath C:installSolutions2Share.Solutions.WorkflowActivities2013.wsp | Install-SPSolution -GACDeployment -WebApplication ‘<url of CM Web Application>’

Site Collection Feature aktivieren:

  • Workflows
  • Solutions2Share – Workflow Designer Workflow Actions

Anschließend können Sie den SharePoint Designer 2013 starten und sich mit der Site Collection, auf der der Collaboration Manager installiert ist, öffnen. Anschließend wählen Sie aus dem Ribbon ein neuen Workflow. Wählen Sie bei Plattform “SharePoint 2010” Workflow.
Sofern der SharePoint Designer Workflow Action Solution hinzugefügt und aktiviert wurde, steht als benutzerdefinierte Aktion “Call a Webservice” zur Verfügung.  Als Adresse für den Web Service Aufruf verwenden Sie bitte die URL zur Collaboration Manager Site Collection im Format <URL Web Application>/<Managed Path>/<Site Collection>/_layouts/15/Solutions2Share/CM/CMService.asmx z.B.: Sie können die Seite direkt im Browser öffnen um korrekte URL zu testen.

  • SOAP 1.1
  • Action = Leer
  • Als Parameter bzw. SOAP Request geben Sie ein XML an, das wie folgt aussieht. Sie können einige Optionen per Variable ausfüllen lassen:
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi=”” xmlns:soap=””>
    <CreateWorkspaceFromTemplate xmlns=””>
      <siteurl xmlns=””>{Common:WebUrl}</siteurl>
      <SiteTitle xmlns=””>{ItemProperty:Title}</SiteTitle>
      <lcid xmlns=””>0</lcid>
      <ownerid xmlns=””>1</ownerid>
      <workspacelistitemid xmlns=””>{WorkflowVariable:ItemID}</workspacelistitemid>



Eine genaue Beschreibung der Parameter ist hier im Installationsordner unter “DocumentationCollaboration_Manager_2013_WebService.pdf” – hier die wichtigsten Optionen:

  • Siteurl = URL zur Collaboration Manager Website
  • Site Title = Der Titel, der anzulegenden Website, hier macht es Sinn das per Variable auszulesen
  • Lcid = Sprache der Zielseite
  •     0 = Sprache der CM Site Collection,
  •     1033 = Englisch,
  •     1031 = Deutsch
  • Owner ID = Site Collection Administrator, dies muss in Form einer ID des Benutzer aus der Collaboration Manager Site Collection abgerufen werden, z.B. indem ich einen Benutzer in die CM Site Collection hinzufüge, die ID aus der URL auslese und hier dann statisch hinterlege.
  • Workspacelistitemid = ID des Listeintrages in der Workspace Liste, das angelegt werden soll.
  • User ID und Kennwort, hier muss der SharePoint Farm Account angegeben werden.



Stellen Sie sicher, dass auf der Collaboration Manager Site Collection Nintex Workflows aktiviert sind. Anschließend erstellen Sie einen neuen Nintex Workflow. Fügen Sie eine weitere Action “Call a web service” hinzu.  Als Adresse für den Web Service Aufruf verwenden Sie bitte die URL zur Collaboratio Manager Site Collection im Format <URL Web Application>/<Managed Path>/<Site Collection>/_layouts/15/Solutions2Share/CM/CMService.asmx z.B.: Sie können die Seite direkt im Browser öffnen um korrekte URL zu testen.  Melden Sie sich mit dem SharePoint Farm Account an und klicken auf “Refresh”. Anschließen wählen Sie als Funktion CreateWorkspacefromTemplate aus. Editor mode: SOAP builder clip_image005

Die Variablen können Sie analog zum Abschnitt SharePoint Designer ausfüllen. Da das Erstellen einer Site Collection meist länger als eine Minute dauert, kann es passiert es oft, dass SharePoint den Workflow mit einem “Timeout” abbricht – dadurch wird ein Fehler erzeugt der unnötig ist. Im Nintex Workflow muss man dazu in der Fehlerbehandlung einfach einstellen, Fehler abfangen / weiter behandeln (wie im vorherigen Screenshot, etwas weiter unten).

SharePoint Konferenz Wien


This week the SharePoint Conference in Wien, Austria took place. On Monday, the start was with three full-day workshops, Tuesday and Wednesday were days of the conference with six tracks. Many well-known speakers from the SharePoint community attended.

DSCF4401  DSCF4394

Of course we took part again as well as a sponsor and presented our new product Collaboration Manager for Office 365, a solution for site provisioning and template management. Many people and consulting companies were impressed with the progress of the migration to the cloud and have expressed interest.

Here are some pictures from the conference:

DSCF4373  DSCF4404

DSCF4400  DSCF4399