Simplify Teams app package creation with Gulp

Our senior developer Jarbas Horst created a gulp task for creation of Teams app package!

Since SharePoint Framework v1.7 it’s possible to implement Microsoft Teams tabs using SharePoint Framework. Software houses can now support both SharePoint and Teams with the same SPFx web part. In order to simplify the Teams tab development, SPFx v1.7 creates a Teams folder in the solution structure. During development, you must create the Teams app package. Since the process of app package creation isn’t automated, our senior developer Jarbas Horst created a gulp task which does it for you. In his new blogpost, he shows you how to use it!


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Hide Site Designs in SharePoint menu

Our senior developer Jarbas Horst has created a SharePoint Framework Extension which hides the Site Designs menu entry of all SharePoint site collections.

Site Design in SharePoint is a powerfull tool which has been available not just for administrators but for certain users since December 2018 as well, allowing these users to apply new Site Designs by themselves. At the moment it is not possible to disable the Site Designs or remove the Site Designs menu entry. For companies this can be problematic for various reasons.

On his blog, Jarbas takes a look at which users are able to see this menu entry at all and explains his SPFx Extension in detail.

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Provisioning sites using Hub Sites and Site Design

In August 2018 Microsoft announced improvements and new features for SharePoint hub sites, among them „Adjust sites automatically when they get associated to a SharePoint hub site“. In his new blogppost, our senior developer Jarbas Horst focuses on the capability of provisioning content using site design during hub site association and summarizes the benefits of the new features.

Prospectively, we are planning to connect Collaboration Manager 365 with Hub Sites.

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Failed to enable remote debugging Exception from HRESULT: 0x89710023

While trying to debug Azure Websites remotely I got the Error “’Failed to enable remote debugging Exception from HRESULT: 0x89710023‘“.

Solution –> Just open the ports 4016 and 4018.

The remote event receiver callout failed.

At the app installation process i got the error “The remote event receiver callout failed.”
After retracting, cleaning and reinstalling i got the same error.


Solution –> Restart Visual Studio