Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we offer a server license and farm license.

With a farm license, you can use the product in any site collection in the farm. Since the farm license also requires user licenses, you must make sure that only the number of licensed users are using the product.

Since an exact user query is computationally intensive, the site collection that contains most users is used as a control value.

With the license by server, you can use the product in all site collections in the farm. The server license must be obtained for all SharePoint servers that are running the service Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application“. The server license requires no user licenses.

The server license is appropriate for you if you want to work without the user license restriction.

The site collection license is appropriate for you if you want to use this product on a site collection and the number of users does not change or grow continuously.

The farm license is appropriate for you if you want to use the product on all site collections and the number of users does not change or grow continuously.

Note: From upwards of 500 users with a farm license, we recommend using a server license instead.

A user license is required for each user who has access to the site collection.
Once the user has accessed the site collection, it is counted as a user license.
It does not matter whether the user has accessed the Site Collection directly or indirectly (assign a task).

Note: Server licenses do not require user licenses.

Depending on the product, this situation can be handled differently. For some products, the functions for the user will still be available, but the administrative functions may be locked. For other products, the functionality will be completely disabled and a message appears stating that the license is invalid”.

In such a case, please contact us at

If you operate your product with a server license, you need a new server license for this server when adding a new web front-end server. When you operate your product with a site collection or farm license, adding a new server has no effect.

After installing the license management you will find all necessary IDs in the Central Administration. More information can be found in the documentation of the license management.

All minor releases include bugfixes and minor features (eg, 1.0 to 1.1) and are free of charge.

Major releases include new features and enhancements (eg 1.2 to 2.0). These are also free of charge for you if you have completed a support contract with the purchase of the product since this means you automatically also have Software Assurance.

Software Assurance is automatically included in our Standard and Premium Support plans. It includes the latest version of our products which are available on the website. Even when changing from one version of SharePoint to another we provide you a new version of the product as soon as possible. Hotfix and Maintenance releases are included as well.

In addition, on request you can also test beta versions of the product.

A Support contract which includes the Software Assurance is not necessary to complete the purchase of the product, but it’s highly recommended.

The Support contract must not be renewed each year. If you cancel your contract, you have no Support contingent and you no access to the new “major realeasesof the product after contract expiration.

A support contract is not necessary to complete the purchase of the product but, it’s highly recommended.

There are two options, with differing scope of service, to choose from concerning Support Contracts: Standard- and Premium Support.

For details about the two Support Plans please visit our Support Plans site.

To order a product from Solutions2Share, please contact us by email or by phone. Or you can simply press the Buy Product” button on one of the products you want to order on our homepage . Thereupon you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a member of our sales team will contact you.

After ordering you will receive an invoice from Solutions2Share.
Please transfer the amount to the account specified in the invoice.

Note: Currently, only a bank transfer is available as a means of payment.

Once the license key has been sent via e-mail or mail, we can not grant any right to return anymore.

After the payment  for the ordered product is in our account, you will receive the license key via e-mail within two business days.

Please contact a customer service representative from Solutions2Share on this topic.

After the installation the product is automatically activated with a 30 day trial license. Depending on the product, you have make some configurations before you can use it. More information is available in the documentation of the product.

After the installation of the product normally, all functions are available. If this is not the case, we recommend performing an IIS reset”. If the product still does not work, please contact our support.

Note: A reboot of the server is not necessary.

The product must not be uninstalled when you import a new version.
In a “major release”, you must apply for a new license key.