Free Webinar – Templating for Microsoft Teams with Channels, Tabs & Settings!

Learn in our new, free webinar with our CEO Christian Groß how to create Microsoft Teams based on pre-configured templates that include tabs, channels, settings and permissions, apps, folder structures and more!

Create new Microsoft Teams based on pre-configured templates that include:

• Predefined tabs, channels and settings (e.g. member permissions, guest permissions…)
• Integrated apps, folder structures, stored documents
• Links to SharePoint or external websites
• Standardized news items​​​​​​​

And to keep your created Teams up-to-date, you will also find out how to add subsequent changes to the template and easily synchronize all created Teams.

Register now for free!

Find out how in our webinar on June 27, 11 a.m. CET – register now for free!

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