Microsoft announces To-Do – A Wunderlist clone?

Microsoft just launched a new product called Microsoft To-Do. It’s been in public preview now and we’ve had a first look at it. As soon as you start the app, it immediately remembers Wunderlist.

Microsoft To-Do


Microsoft acquired Wunderlist back a while ago (a Berlin startup company). Their primary focus was to develop a solution to easily manage tasks allowing them to share and sync them. A simple and clean interface allowing everyone to use it for free including additional paid features.

After evaluating To-Do it looks like clone of Wunderlist. And this isn’t a surprise because Microsoft plans, there’s more to officially says that To-Do was developed by the original Wunderlist team. Taking the next steps, as soon as all functionality will be available in To-Do, Wunderlist will be deprecated. So we can expect that no new releases will be made to Wunderlist and To-Do is the official successor (also see Microsoft’s blog post

What’s new

  • My Day (pick tasks for your current day – it will be empty each new day)
  • Suggestions (to create a “My Day” tasks, they’re using an algorithm to suggest tasks to add like from previous day, overdue or “Suggested to you”)
  • Import Wizard from Wunderlist 🙂


iOS App


To-Do My Day

What’s missing (currently – Microsoft is working on it)

•Integration into Office 365 like being able to login with your work account (currently only Live ID)
•Integration into Office (like Outlook or OneNote)

Finally – Want to try it by yourself?

Just register here: and login with a Live ID or use one of the mobile apps:

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