Teamify Group with SharePoint Site Designs and Microsoft Flow – Part 1 – The authentication

The Site Design’s integration to Microsoft Flow opens doors to new possibilities in the provisioning scope. Customers aren’t limited to the built-in functionalities that SharePoint Site Designs offers. They can connect whatever they want via Microsoft Flow to a Site Design, enhancing the capability of a provisioning process.

In March 2019, our Senior Developer Jarbas Horst wrote about his Wish list for Site Designs. He described the need for a functionality to teamify a Office 365 group through Site Designs. Microsoft Teams is a central player in Office 365. It is fast, it is user friendly and it integrates different applications from Office 365. Unfortunately, there isn’t any built-in support for teamification in Site Designs, but thanks to Microsoft Flow you can quickly set up a logic which converts a Office 365 Group into a Microsoft Team. In his blog post, he’ll demonstrate to you how to achieve this goal.

If you’re looking for the basics about SharePoint Site Designs and Site Scripts, consider visiting this blog post.

>>Visit Jarbas’ blog to learn more!<<

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